The Peerfin way

Peerfin endeavours to provide the most accessible and affordable education loans based on the skill profile of the student rather than collateral. We assess students on their future earning potential, not just their credit history.

Login to Peerfin

Students can login to the platform with no membership fee

Upload your data

Upload your KYC, Proof of Admission and other supporting document

Peerfin Credit Rating

Peerfin Al engine processes the data and assigns SPQ (Student Performance Quotient), a proprietary credit rating method to each listing.

Get Approved

After a listing is posted, lenders can place bids on that listing until the listing has received bids totaling the requested loan amount.

Blockchain revolution in education financing


Innovative Credit Rating

Helping international students to get loans within days.


Decentralized Scholarship

Scholarship program based on your SPQ score

Easy terms

Easy terms

No collateral required. No early payment fees

Profile Management

Profile Management

Uploaded student data can be used for Peerfin job listings


Crypto friendly

Transactions and conversions are processed within minutes


Impact investment

Invest your money and get both social and financial return.

Hybrid Design

Peerfin works on a hybrid design where user sensitive data internal to the platform are stored Off Chain. Public data that needs visibility and accessibility like Student Performance Quotient and transaction details are stored on the chain.

Transparent & Secure

The significant risks inherent in on-blockchain “smart contracts” are eliminated by providing building block customization to NEM functionality that keeps application security in your hands, not on the blockchain.


Recent articles

What’s in it for Student?

If a student from India applied for a loan in June 2018 for $85,000 for his masters, he/she would have to loan INR 57,80,000 (Fifty-Seven Lakh Eight Hundred Indian Rupees) form the local bank.

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Harvard, MIT, Stanford Endowments Invest in Crypto

According to a recent report, the endowments of Harvard University, Stanford University, Dartmouth College, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of North Carolina have made investments into at least one cryptocurrency fund.

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Peerfin (PFN) Bounty Program

Hello everybody! This is Rahul Pillai, CEO of After many weeks of work, we are now ready to launch our bounty reward programme for you guys!

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When NEM Came to India!

The Blockchain movement in India has begun. The first edition of the NEM Blockchain meetup in India was successfully organised at Kochi in Kerala in association with NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Company), Peerfin and Developer Circles Kochi.

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Gearing Up for a Transition from Knowledge to Skill

While it is laudable that India has one of the largest workforce populations in the world, it is appalling that over 70% of it is still unemployed.

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Peerfin and Saintgits Group of Institutions Join Hands for a Future of Decentralised Scholarships.

Peerfin has signed an MoU with Saintgits Group of Institutions in one of the most promising and unique use cases of blockchain in India and the world at large.

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